Installing Sink

1) Clean the areas of the sink and countertop that will be sealed together. Brush them off with cloths with denatured alcohol. It is important to clean this area well, or the adhesive will not adhere well

2) Position template on counter top. Locate the template front to rear, so that sink will not interfere with the cabinet. Make sure the frame under the sink lip will not interfere with any faucet plumbing

3) Trace a line around the template. Cut along the inside of this line to provide opening

4) Clamp the sink to the underside and adjust the placement. Test to fit your sink and mark the location for the mounting clips

5) With the sink out, drill holes for the screws

6) Using a good quality silicone sealant, apply a bead evenly all round the top of the sink rims, re-clamp the sink in place

7) Thread the wing nuts onto the screw heads and tighten the screws to anchor the inserts. Tighten the wing nuts to secure the bowl. Remove excess silicone

We offer cut-out template with each sink, including mounting clips. Other standard mounting hardware and silicone sealant not furnished.


Attention Installer:

● GEMINI suggests that under mount sinks should be installed by a professional experienced installer.
● GEMINI under mount sinks should be ONLY be fastened to natural stone or solid surface counter top.
● Inspect sink for damage prior to beginning installation;please check the things inside it: mounting clips, template, 1 drainer for single bowl/2 drainers for double bowl.
● GEMINI is not responsible for sink if damaged during installation. Many sinks are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a limited lifetime of normal residential use.
● Be caution when handling---the sink edges might be sharp.
● We can offer the DXF files at any times if you need.

Please note that only a professional sink installer/fabricator process these DXF files for sink cutouts.
GEMINI is proud of our quality sinks. If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.